I’m still here

Crocheted Wolf hat
Wolf Cowl, warm but not heavy.

I was very bad yesterday and completely forgot to put up the blog post. You see, I was terribly busy all weekend putting extra effort into studying for two upcoming exams. Both classes my grade is not where I want it, and I’m hoping if I can do well on the exams (last ones before finals) I can boost that.

I kept my hands busy while watching videos and process animations with a couple of crocheting projects, which was fun, as I haven’t worked with yarn in a long time. These days, I do so much typing, I don’t have those hands-free hours like I once did. For those of you who enjoy being crafty, I highly recommend the Velvet Acorn patterns, this was the first time I’d ever crocheted anything from a pattern and it was fairly easy to follow, and I’m tickled with the results. I will admit I found the ear instructions baffling, and just created my own versions. I still need to straighten out the fox’s ears!

Fox cowl crocheted
Fox, or red riding hood if you took the ears away.

The fox was made from Lion super bulky yarn, which was probably a bit much, as the directions called for bulky, and from being a cowl it evolved into this neat capelet thing that comes down over my shoulders. It will be very very warm this winter. For the wolf, I dug into my stash of yarns and used a very light alpaca (2 oz) for a cowl I can wear when it’s not quite so cold for the fox. The trim on the wolf is wool, from the feel of it, Romney or one of the similar coarser breeds (I’m spoiled. I prefer merino or Shetland). I’ll be working on a few more in coming weeks, although not as rapidly. Christmas is coming!

We did discover the wolf, before trim and ears, looks a lot like a chainmail coif, which is fun. I might tighten up the stitch and do one that my First Reader would wear. When you put a cowl with ears on him he gets all silly.