Indiana ComicCon

I will be at the Indiana ComicCon this coming weekend, the end of the month. You’ll be able to find me in Booth 606 in the exhibitor’s hall, where I will be booth babe for Mystik Waboose, purveyors of fine geek apparel. T-shirts to show your fandom to the world, labcoats for the mad scientists, they have it all.

I will have books with me, including shiny new copies of Inktail & Friends. I’m working on one other surprise, but I will hold off on saying too much, lest I not get it finished in time. It’s been fun preparing for this con, and I have no idea if I’ll see any of you, but it would be nifty! I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday.

As I prepped for the upcoming con, I ordered promotional materials and I have to comment on Zoo Printing. Mark Alger, fellow author and artist, put me onto them, and they have been great. The business cards, postcards, and banner I ordered came quickly, look great, and were reasonably price. Shipping sucked, but shipping always does. Zoo is actually close enough I could easily drive down and pick up orders… if I had time. But I might do it some other time because it would be neat to see the facility.

I’ve started up an artist’s group on facebook, for those of us who are muddling through learning, marketing, sales, and more. It’s an open group, anyone is welcome to join. My goal with it is to grow a small community and do networking like the Indie Authors do, to create, in a way, a virtual gallery that supports more than just me. More Odds than Ends is the oddballs, the ones who don’t always finish what they’re working on, the perpetually curious and crafty…

Am I diluting myself trying to do both art and authorship? Probably. For the time being, I am having trouble writing, and art is coming more easily. So I’m focusing on it. Hopefully in three weeks (huzzah! *throws confetti. Stops* ahem. Mustn’t get ahead of myself) I will be able to catch my breath and write. But I am also hunting a short-term summer lab job. Time to get practical boots-on-the-ground experience.

In the meantime. Have a fox, even if it is a sad kitsune-fox.

Kitsune Red Fox
Day 112: Three-Tail’s Farewell.




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  1. Geno Nemetz Avatar
    Geno Nemetz

    You took a pic of Crystal and I (she was Wonder Woman and I was Star Lord) using her lasso. You had said to contact you for it. We’d love to see it.

    1. Absolutely delighted to hear from you. I will shoot it off to you shortly. I hadn’t even downloaded the camera yet I’m afraid.