Inktail is Here!

A month later than my latest projection, the coloring book is now available for purchase. It’s been quite the adventure, bringing this project to completion. I’ll blog the whole saga in a couple of weeks, but right now I’m just holding it and cooing over it a little. Ok, maybe not. But it’s cool! I hadn’t expected it to come out as thick as it is – it’s got a spine, and that I didn’t anticipate – and the cover looks spiffy.


Sorry. Overenthusiastic author/artist. I got a bit carried away. I know my readers here have been a big part of this process, and you’ll understand. I’ve posted images here, on facebook, and elsewhere. Now they’re all yours to color in.

It's thick! LOL
It’s thick! LOL

Most of the adult coloring books on the market are simply compilations of public-domain clip art. You all have seen me creating this one from scratch. Does that make it better? I’ll let you tell me. Inktail book-1-2

There is, on request from a commentor, a section in the back for how to draw simple dragons my way. I’ve encouraged the drawing-outside-the-lines. This is my book, and I say break the social contract to stay neatly where you are told to stay, and get creative. Draw settings and backgrounds and make up stories. I’d love to see what you do…

I also have a question for you all. Shall I make this available as an ebook? Not the way you are thinking. No, I can put this into a tidy PDF file, and sell it for you to print out yourself. Especially for the images you want to color more than once, this could be useful. It’s not a difficult thing to do, and I know it will be easy to pirate, but I trust you all. I didn’t create Inktail to get rich off it. It was a labor of love, and I want you to love it, too.

Oh, and I will have copies with me at the Indiana ComicCon. I’ll be with Mystik Waboose at booth 606 in the exhibitor’s hall from April 30-May 1. Come see us, buy a book, buy a shirt, and I’ll doodle a dragon for you!

Need moar coffee...
Need moar coffee…