Inktober Part 2

The second section in what will be a three-parter this year. It’s been very busy, and I had a small health hiccup that set me back a bit for time – which is why the blog went quiet for a couple of days, sorry. Life, work, and family: they all have priority.

However, I have been seizing the time to do the daily inking for the month’s challenge, and I have been enjoying that enormously. I shall miss it when it’s over. But it will come to an end soon, and then I’ll put the energy back into writing. I’m not planning to do NaNoWriMo, I physically can’t do it. But I will be working hard on the novels. Hope to finish one by the end of the year.

Oh, and because I’ve been told it’s not clear – my work is (usually) for sale. Email or pm me and ask, make an offer, and either the original or a print can be yours!

“Frolicking Narwhal” was because I was tired, and wanted to do bright colors. The Ginja Ninja took one look at it, squealed, and asked if she could have it in her room.
“no Greater Love” is pen and ink, with a little watercolor brushpen for color. A bee dies when she stings, unlike the punishing wasp who has no repercussions for her expression of pique.
The theme for the day was Teeming, so of course I went with microbes.
“Protective Layers” shows the manatee with a molecular representation of what makes a mammal’s life underwater possible: fat.
A heavy mist swirls around this reader – and perhaps would like the page turned, please! This was drawn from a life model, my Ginja Ninja.
“Escape” from the theme shattered my First Reader suggested I draw an octopus making his own exit plan.
“Run” a little twist on the fairy tale.
“Monster’s Game” depicts a rowdy gang playing while the bartender watches in case a fight breaks out.
“My Bubbles” was done with just an ink pen. Theme for the day was ‘deep’
“Beating the Heat” was a fun one, I was playing with French curves to sketch out the figures.
“Foggy Land” was the first time I’d had time to play with Chinese ink and brushes, it really gives me a lot of control with the shading. (SOLD)


3 responses to “Inktober Part 2”

  1. Foggy Land is really good (they all are, but that one is strikingly good!). I hope you made an image of it so you could do prints before you sold it!

  2. Very nice! You are very talented!!!

    1. Thank you so much!