Inktober: Part I

I’m taking part in Inktober again this year. It’s a great challenge, and since I was already trying to do daily sketches, I’m doing it daily in 2017! In the past I’ve managed once a week, I think, so this ought to be fun. I’m also using the prompts the originator of the challenge, Jake Parker, suggests. That takes some of the struggle out of the equation since I can’t sit there with a totally blank brain when I’m supposed to be drawing.

I’m posting my work on Instagram as I do it – and possibly work in progress pics, depending on how long a thing takes me. I’m limited in the time I can take for these, though, as work and other obligations don’t leave me much for art. Some of them will be lunch creations which means you’re looking at a thing drawn with a sandwich in my left hand and in about ten minutes. So judge accordingly!

Day #1 I wanted to do something with wings, in flight, and this happened…

I also don’t have time to photograph the art properly, so some of these are not the perfect representations of what they look like on paper, my apologies.

Day #2 Achillea millefolium, the common yarrow, the theme was divided which reminded me of how some leaves are described. I really want to do more botanical illustrations… done without photo reference

I’m mostly working in a little sketchbook for these. If you’d like prints, or an original, let me know and make an offer, I’m not going to make the price high since they are sketchy.

Day #3 “Bluedevilled” which is an archaic slang term for depression. This is the First Reader’s suggestion for the poison theme.

On day three I had so many ideas, and actually executed two. Which was fun, but unlikely to happen again.

Day#4 “Poison” Solanum dulcamara and Argiope

Once a week or so I’ll put up my work here on the blog, or you can follow along on facebook and instagram for the daily updates. Feel free to add your suggestions to the prompts! It’s fun to collaborate on art. Also, I’ll do a post on the tools I’m using if anyone is interested.