I’m off to LTUE today. Tomorrow you can expect the regularly scheduled snippet, Friday the First Reader has a happy book review (shock!) and Saturday you’ll likely hear about the convention to that point… full AAR will likely be up Monday. Sunday will be a Schlock Mercenary Food Feature.

In the meantime, I went and did it again. Patrick Richardson asked for volunteers, and even though I’d sworn I wasn’t going to get involved in another SFF Fan Magazine, I said yes. You can find my introductory post on fandom, and my odd perception of it, here. I will likely be linking to The Otherwhere Gazette from here on Wednesdays for the time being, as I’m going to be posting there, like I do at the Mad Genius Club. If you’re interested in SFF fandom, they are having fun with it, so far.

I might try for a post later, too. Don’t know how my layovers and wait times will go for me, this trip. I can say that if I take travel pics, you will find them here. Also, if anyone knows how to set a Samsung Galaxy S3 so the battery doesn’t drain in 2-3 hours, I’d love to hear about it. I’m sure it’s background apps… just don’t know how to make it quit. This is going to be my first trip using Ting as a cell carrier, so we will see how that goes. I know that it’s saving me money already – my bill was half what it was last month. Being able to have a smart phone with data and spend less than $30 is very nice. I’m going to shamelessly point out that if you follow this referral link, we both save money.

While I’m on the promotions thing… You all know how to find my Amazon author page, right? With all my published work to date?

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