Introducing Poisonous Fun

And now for something a bit different. Oh, who am I kidding? My kids are a lot different. Poisonous Fun is my daughter’s teeny tiny new business. The Ginja Ninja has a fair amount of down time on her hands while she’s at college, since she’s relying on parents for transport and our schedule isn’t her schedule. Her need to keep her hands busy, paired with every broke college student’s desire for moolah, led to an idea. A raid on my yarn stash later, Poisonous Fun’s debut creation was born.

Dante, the first Grim Reaper, pictured in the center here.

She started out simple, but has swiftly grown beyond the basic to some very cute designs, and is adding her own flair to each one. I’m not only a proud Mama, I’m very pleased with her budding business sense (other than in pricing, where she’s underselling herself, but don’t we all start out like that?). She brought the idea to me along with a spreadsheet to track her expenses, her time costs, and her sales. Heck, I know full-blown businesses that aren’t that organized.

Kitty’s heterochromatic eyes are one example of her creative style.

We’re going to be listing her yarn amigurumi monsters here at Cedarwrites in the web store, because Etsy is a bit of a pain to navigate and market through, now that it’s swamped with cheap Chinese-made-stuff resellers. She’s open to commissions, and suggestions, so feel free to contact us or ask in the comments! You should start to see listings soon – maybe tonight, but definitely by tomorrow – as we did a fun forest photo shoot the other day.

Her aesthetic is definitely creepy-cute, and I don’t think it’s just my bias when I say they are ridiculously adorable. Just like she is! Ok, that last part is mother-love. But she’s great, really. She’s working on a Computer Science and Math degree, and when she says calculus is easy… well, I dunno where that bit came from. Hopefully you all like her handiwork!


5 responses to “Introducing Poisonous Fun”

  1. I think most of them are more cute than creepy! But with Halloween coming up, this should be a good time of year to sell creepy. And then there’s Christmas…and then Valentine’s Day. Now I wish I hadn’t disposed of so much of MY yarn stash — she can have what’s left, though, if she wants it!

  2. definitely creepy-cute stuff

  3. Oh, I definitely want to send one to the Kid. She’s into creepy cute. And she used to be into Japanese stuff. Let me know when Poisonous Fun goes live. =o)

  4. You might want to point her at

    1. Oh, excellent idea!