It was a First!

Battle Cattle! the game where cows are armed and armoured and wage war with Milk bombs and methane gas. Mama and Pippa teamed up for Risk. 
Pippa and Juliet like to blow on their dice before they roll.
Ahhh… Hot cocoa, Family, and world domination!

We had Family Game Night last night, since the girls are out of school today. The girls voted for Risk, so we spent a couple of hours happily playing the very first Family Risk game! It was a blast. We didn’t play out the whole game because it got really late. Of course, we did have a little sportsmanship issue at the end when it became evident that one young lady was about to lose… Actually, that is part of why we play games together. Not jsut because it’s fun, but to teach them how to lose – and to win. And how to play to win. The young lady in question had been trying to take care of her Papa and thought he wouldn’t attack her countries in return. *Sigh* we can’t and won’t play to lose with them, it would be unfair to them. So after the game of Risk got packed away, we pulled out the Battle Cattle and played a quick round to reinforce the lessons… and all in all, we were up until almost 11pm! LOL – Pippa was up with me at 6:30 this morning, but everyone else slept in for another hour.