It’s been too long…

The last couple of months have simply flown by – October was a whirl of over 35 shows, November I spent sick, and December is slipping by quickly. I am not ready for Christmas, but at least the house is mostly clean. And we had a dinner party Saturday. That was so nice. I love to do things like that. Good times, good food, good friends.

This is the winteriest winter we have had in recent years. Lots of snow, and more predicted tonight and tomorrow. The kids love it – I don’t mind, although I miss having the time to go out and play in it! I don’t even own snowpants anymore.

Pippa and Johann are both on their tummies in their room, feet kicked up in the air, making a train layout with the wooden tracks. Johann is getting so big. He is our silliest kid yet, with a great sense of humor and a great big temper. He cracked Phil up the other night by interrupting a telling of SkippyJon Jones and when Phil looked at him he just shrugged with this look of “what?” Pippa loves Kindergarten. I’m not sure she really learns anything, but she is the social butterfly of her class, always checking on her classmates to see how they are and ready to help when she sees one struggling. Juliet’s teacher commented on this smae trait in her class.

Juliet is having a rough year. She feels like she has no friends, but we talked to her teacher, and we all agreed it is in Julie’s head. She is following in Glady’s footprints, and that doesn’t help. Glady has been officially labeled gifted, which was no surprise to us. Juliet is as smart, just not as passionate about perfection as our drama queen is. So Phil and I have been subtly trying to give her a little boost of confidence, which makes her blossom.

Glady is currently devouring the Harry Potter series, having just finished off the Narnia series… the last Potter book she read in threee days, leaving Phil to look at me and say “She’s YOUR daughter!” She’s just ended a Math Club afterschool program which she loved, getting to stay after and play games with 4th and 5th grades. She has been put into 5th grade spelling and vocabulary. So she is happy in school, and at home is struggling with having sisters – she’d rather be an only child right now, most of the time!

I must go and do some laundry – Johann has developed an art form we call Poo-casso (three guesses, and the first two don’t count!). Hopefully I will get back to updating this blog every week – hey, It’s almost a New Year’s Resolution! Hah!