It’s Morning

I felt the strong desire to update the blog, but I’ve been putting it off because, well, there’s nothing really to talk about on the writing front. I finished Snow Angel, and I plan to publish it, but I held off to do a cover. I’m writing a sequel to Memories of the Abyss even though it isn’t published yet, because there is so much raw emotion in it I’m have trouble editing it. But for new words? Nothing much recently.

Partly, that is because I am back in school fulltime for the semester. Essentials of Algebra, Abnormal Psych, and Anatomy & Physiology, and later this semester Cultural Anthropology. Wheee… Yes, I am busy, why do you ask? However, last semester I wrote around classes. This semester, the only class I go to school for is A&P, the others are online. Which means I have more time to do things like work. Writing is taking a back seat for the time.

I did get Vulcan’s Kittens finished editing, and out to my young beta readers. So far, the three teens that read it really like it, and I have been asked about the sequel already, which means I need to get cracking on that. My publishing and editing process I will be blogging about over at Amazing Stories, and you can find the first in the series Why Self Publish?, with more to follow every Monday. There are a lot of interesting topics being written about over there!

As for the other side of my writing, I haven’t been reading much fiction recently. I’d gotten a couple of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files through the library, but I don’t think I’ll finish before I need to return them. I did, however, stay up late last night reading… I’d bought Kate Paulk’s second in the Con series, ConSensual, and I pulled it up on the Kindle as I’d been having a bad day and needed to de-stress. I laughed out loud in the dark and didn’t put it down until I was finished. Ah… I’ve missed that feeling of being sucked into another world. I highly recommend it!

You, too, can be amused and entertained, just click on the cover below…