It’s Tomorrow

Whaddaya mean, it’s tomorrow? I haven’t been to bed yet. I need to get some sleep, so I’ll go there, next. But recently writing the blog as an exercise to wind down after my shift seems to be working. Dunno how it reads to you all – yesterday’s was rough, I know. I’m sorry not sorry, it helped me to write it all out and then I was finally able to get my brain to stop acting like a bulldog at the throat of the day, and lie down for some rest. I needed that. Next time I’ll try to think of a journal, not the blog, but last night it honestly didn’t cross my mind, I just opened the post window and went. Tonight? 

I’m tired. Even after two months, I’m still not fully adjusted to the new sleep schedule. My morning alarm is set for 9:30, and I have succeeded in dissuading my body from being wide awake at the 5:30 that was my routine for years… I’m waking up at 8:30 almost on the dot. I can usually curl up and read for an hour, but not fall back asleep. It’s annoying. I’ll keep working on it. If I wind up on third shift, I don’t know what I’ll do. Pray that, having altered the deal, they do not alter it further? I’ll admit I’m having flashbacks to the last job, where they acted like they owned me body and soul. I keep telling myself that’s not what is happening here, but it’s still a painful wound and I’m a bit flinchy. Will be for a while, likely. 

 If I had any, I’d indulge in a tipple, then sleep solidly. But I haven’t, so instead I’m going to bed with a book. One of these. I should be asleep in no time in sheer self-defense. 

No, this is not all of my textbooks, some are still in storage. I need to buy a book on process, too… Or I could select the Handbook of Six Sigma, not shown, which was a gift from a kind friend. 

Which one would you choose as a sleep aid? 


7 responses to “It’s Tomorrow”

  1. With my luck, I’d pick up any of those and suddenly get interested in the subject matter. I hope you got some sleep last night. :hugs:

    1. I did. And I own them because I’m interested in them, but a chapter of Toxicology helped last night.

  2. For sleeping? Physical Chemistry. I’ve always thought that chemistry never gets any more interesting, it just gets more complicated. I mean the rules that govern hydrogen and oxygen combining to form water are the same rules that govern all chemical reactions, you just get a lot more numbers to add and subtract. Eventually you get to the point where the same atoms can combine in different ways to make different compounds which have different properties, but even that fails to capture my interest.

    When I read about Ice-9 in Cat’s Cradle it didn’t blow my mind. It was just kind of “meh”.

    1. I’m not sure I could be a pure chemist. As it is, I use chemistry to do things in the lab, and that can be very interesting.

  3. Parasitology is right out. Total nightmare fuel. I remember looking through one of my mom’s textbooks on parasites when I was a kid and I can still see some of the pictures when I close my eyes.

  4. Roger Ritter Avatar
    Roger Ritter

    The Six Sigma book ought to be a real eye-closer. It will mainly be on how to design and document processes so that nothing can go worng — go worng — go worng …

    1. Indeed! I see you’ve been exposed. They tell me it goes away in time.