It’s Wednesday


This week has been… ahem. I shall restrict myself to ladylike language. 

So, how are you all? I was reminded recently that I have people I love dearly and rarely get to speak to. I need to rectify that. Shall rectify that. 

I can’t brain to write a proper post, but I can say that I appreciate my readers more than you guys might know. 

Ok, I’m done being maudlin. Gonna go pack my lunch. Will be offline for the foreseeable future, as switching my phone over to a new service is Not Going Well. 

From a trip a few years ago, near Bastian VA

6 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday

  1. We’re OK.
    If OK was a river it might be as wide as the Mississippi and as long as we don’t go aground on the banks we are OK.

    We had a chance to meet with friends we haven’t seen in a while, and that helped to put some holes in the wall of isolation.

    Hopes, expectations, and reality. I hoped that adding an extra pair of anti-scalping wheels to the front of the mower deck would go smoothly. I expected some problems and the reality was 3 hours of head scratching, multiple grinders, various hands tools, welding, and only the left side got done.
    Strangely, or not so strange for those who know me, that meant I had a great day and I’m looking forward to the right side.

  2. *hugs*

    Report of Cuteness– Princess lost tablet privileges for a while, but got special permission to use it…so she could read Fairy Little Sister to the Empress.

  3. Sympathies. My dad got suckered by a scammer, and now his computer is at Best Buy, being cleaned out by Geek Squad techs. He’ll also need to contact all his financial institutions, etc and get account numbers changed.

    I’m now trying to put my anger out of my mind enough to be able to accomplish something.

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