Juliet wrote me some poetry

“I love dogs
I love cats
I love you, too
I can eat
Cats can run
Dogs can’t climb trees
I love you
(love, Pippa)
I love cats and dogs
That is me
And that is that”

By Juliet, Feb. 27, 2007

She wrote that in the whiteboard yesterday along with a cute monster illustration at the bottom yesterday. I think it started with trying to teach Pippa to read and write.

2 thoughts on “Juliet wrote me some poetry

  1. Tell Julie that Grandma likes her poem!I have two newborn goat kids in a dog crate in my bedroom (again — there were two born January 2, also, who spent a week in my room before going back outside). They are really cute (of course!). They had been born shortly before I got home from my class yesterday — I found the little doe kid in a puddle of ice water. She’d managed to get out of the goat pen through the cattle panel, and was in a crack between the (warm, because it composts) goat bedding and the snow bank outside. It took a bit to get her warmed up again, but she’s fine now.Love, Mom (Julie’s Grandma)

  2. This is great! I’d like to see more of the childrens’ writing or cute sayings. Would Glady be interested in keeping a journal of her experiences this summer? We will be taking pictures, and I’d like to put it all together in a book to send home with her (I have a comb bind system).

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