Kitchen Goals

I was joking with my sister as we wrapped up the trip to DC that I was going home with new library goals, after having seen Jefferson’s library in the Library of Congress, and Julia Child’s kitchen at the Smithsonian. I could have spent hours in Jefferson’s library just taking notes of titles. You couldn’t touch the books, they were sandwiched in glass displays (they also didn’t photograph well, unfortunately) but you could read the titles in some cases. The man was diverse in his interests, which I already knew, and there were books there I wouldn’t mind reading… I’ll bet some are on Project Gutenberg. 

I have a little hanging space like this in my kitchen already – I want to expand it, though. I still won’t have room for all the cast iron. We have a lot of iron pots!
I have to wonder if she kept things on the stove like this, or if it’s for display effect. I do love that stove top, though! All the BTUs!
Cluttered, but not unusable. Everything efficiently to hand while working over the stove. I like this. And I like the labels!

I didn’t have long with Julia Child’s kitchen. Just enough time to snap a few shots knowing that later I could look at those for ideas.



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  1. Alicia Ibarreta Avatar
    Alicia Ibarreta

    Just moved into a smaller house,had a huge kitchen, dining room and butlers pantry in old house. So love the idea. Was already looking for a corner stacking shelve for my cast iron ( some of which was g Mums and my parents. Haven’t found one yet but still looking.

    1. The kitchen here at the Nut House is laid out oddly, but it’s bigger than many of the other houses we looked at. I’m making it work for me, and if we planned to be here longer would certainly renovate it. I’m used to adapting creatively!

    2. My family moved to Redquarters three decades ago. Mom still misses the big kitchen we had in Omaha. The galley kitchen is efficient, but not easy for two people (and three? or two plus cat? Nope!)

      1. Oof! Yes. One of the houses we looked at had a galley kitchen I could almost touch the walls on both sides with my arms outstretched and I am not a tall woman. There was about enough room between counters to turn around. Even had it not been in town, with a very weird layout, that was a flat No!