Last Day of School

The girls have gone to school for the last day of this year, I am enjoying the last few moments of relative peace for the next three months. I don’t know whether I am nervous about having them home all day long, or excited. I am afraid the routines that had been imposed upon me by the school day achedule will get lost as I concentrate on the business over the nest week or so. I really want to continue mock-lessons over the summer to keep them fresh for next year, and to get started on Pippa for the fall, as I will be working with her more next year than the once-or-twice a week I did this year. She wrote her own name yesterday, I was so proud of her!

Phil is back to work. However, he is also still recovering. Because the veins in his legs are so damaged at this point – if you’re curious, look up chronic venous insufficiency – he has to lie down a lot with his legs elevated over his heart. So he is a bit frustrated about things like building the needed props for Summer Reading, which is bearing down on us like a train at this point – a week until the first show.

All in all, I need now more than ever to stay focused. Phil compares it to juggling – in order to keep all my balls in the air (business, kids, house, Phil, me, Dad, critters and garden) I have to stay balanced. If I burn out, I drop balls and then bad things happen – shows don’t get put on the calendar, checks get lost, kids watch too much tv, I don’t get enough sleep – and it takes me so long to catch back up. So. I am off to make a good list.

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  1. Cedar, it’s time to ask the girls for help, and I think also for Phil to help you a little more in some areas. You aren’t super woman. If you try to take on too much without delegating some of it, you are going to end up sick yourself, and that wouldn’t be good. The girls are old enough to be quite a bit of help. It takes some thought, and some supervision to make sure they meet expectations — but maybe supervision is something Phil could do with his leg up, allowing you to get done the things only you can do. Dad I can’t help you with — you mentioned on the dishes post that you were going to ask him (among others) for help, and I wasn’t able to get in to post a reply, but I wanted to tell you that if he helps with the dishes I will be in shock! In all the time we were married, I can count on one hand the number of times he helped me with the dishes, and those were only when I was too sick to get out of bed! But you might be able to get him to help with your garden, if you keep an eye on what he’s doing so he doesn’t dig up something you just planted and plant something else there, LOL! And maybe he could take the girls for an hour or two once in a while — to the lake on a warm Saturday or something like that? It wouldn’t hurt to ask. Seems like supervising some school work for the girls would also be something Phil could do while keeping his foot up — and does Dad help build the props? You guys are in a rough spot — but if everyone pulls together, and shares the work load, I think you’ll make it through all right!Love, Mom

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