The God’s Wolfling is now available in ebook and print for purchase!

I hope you enjoy this book, it was a long time coming, and a challenge for me. With Vulcan’s Kittens, I was told to channel my inner 14-year old girl, to which I responded “But I wasn’t a normal teenage girl!” Well, when the time came to write The God’s Wolfling, I realized it was going to be even more difficult, as I have not one but two teen boys to develop as characters. Those who have seen the story already tell me I succeeded in giving a good story. My editor emailed me at one point to tell me he’d just gotten something I had done and couldn’t stop laughing.

While technically this is a young adult book, as the characters are still in their teens, I would suggest that it is a story any age can safely read. Adults shouldn’t feel like I am talking down to them, and neither should the teens. There are battle scenes, and… Well, I will let you decide.

Also, this is the last day to enter to win a shiny-new print copy of this book, signed, by commenting here. 

I’m looking forward to hearing your reviews!

The God's Wolfling cover
The God’s Wolfling cover