let’s see…not much

We went shopping for Phil’s birthday last night – the girls and I sent him and Johann off on their own while we picked a couple of things out at the clothing store for him. Poor Papa, he never gets a real surprise for his birthday! Then we took the kids to KB toys and let them each pick out a toy with the money Nana had sent. Glady found a baby doll, Juliet a DigiPet, and Pippa a color-on-Bear. Johann was more of a challenge, but he finally reached for a blue, bumpy football and said “Bee, bee!” which is how he says please. It is amazing how far five dollars can go in that store.

Funny how exhasting two stores can be with all four kids – I was really happy to get home after all that. I helped the kids clean their room so they could play with their new toys, and I was about done for the night!

It may officially be spring, but it is sure snowy and cold here!

Oh – the other day, after the snow, Dad put out bird feeders in the pear tree, in adition to our usual feeders and we had a pair of Grackle. The first time we’ve seen them. And we think he saw a bluebird, and Phil saw Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Of course, we had the usual suspects, chickadees and sparrows, jays, titmouse, Slate-sided Junco… I’ve really come to appreciate bird-watching.