LibertyCon 26 Photos

I am the unofficial barfly photographer at LibertyCon, snapping stealth pics when no-one knows I’m coming… I do ask for poses on occasion, too. Here is a link to the raw feed of everything I took at the con, on flickr. For more tagged and labeled photos, you can find my facebook albums. Anything more depends on time, and that’s a commodity I probably won’t have.

10 thoughts on “LibertyCon 26 Photos

  1. Cedar, having expressed your negative bias against Janet Morris’ ethics, I assume you will now find it against your own ethics to review the copy of Dreamers in Hell (launched at LibertyCon26) you received free of charge after offering to review it.

    1. Sarah, when I told someone I’d review Dreamers in Hell, I didn’t realize what it was, and was rather taken aback when then directed to you. I had no bias against Janet prior to the panel, nor do I have now. I simply objected to the concept of using an RCA contract to form a publishing contract. As for the review I had intended to go ahead and review it, although I do not do such things on a regular basis, nor had I ever been given a copy of anything in the past. As it happens, the copy I was sent does not open. I can return it to you, but that’s an absurdity, since it is a digital copy.

  2. Cedar, having clearly expressed your personal bias against Janet Morris’ ethics, I presume your ethics will now prevent you from posting a review of the free copy of Dreamers in Hell you received, at your request, prior to LibertyCon26, at which the book was launched. You obviously enjoyed the launch party (see photo) but seem not to appreciate the contractual situation involved in writing in a shared universe.

    1. I was not at the launch party. If it took place in the consuite area, that is where I was.

      Nor, and let me make this VERY CLEAR once more, was I objecting to the contract of a shared world. I object to any contract that would have a writer sign away their rights in perpetuity without payment upfront. I object to contracts that are unfair to the writers, and I think the idea of basing a publishing contract on a thirty-year old RCA contract is absurd.

      As for the review, I never asked for it, I was asked to do it for someone else. I will not be reviewing it at this point, because it would be a clear conflict of interest.

      1. The photo of you on this site was taken at that launch party in the ConSuite. By the way, that same contract gives the writer a share of any profits from the book in perpetuity.

        1. If the launch party was taking place, I was unaware of it. As a volunteer, I was frequently in the Consuite, along with many others. Frankly, I didn’t know DiH was being launched, I had assumed it was out for quite a while.

          So, you are saying the contract signs away rights in perpetuity? Interesting.

          Again, the contract is secondary to what I was saying. For all authors, new or seasoned, read your contract before signing. The press that is choosing to make such a fuss on my blog today may have nothing to hide, I don’t know. All I have done is repeat what I heard stated by the head of that entity, and say why I found it to be a red flag, I certainly never said an author should break a contract.

  3. And now, a comment about photos instead of contracts. How in Liberty’s bloody tree did I not end up in a single photo? I try to live a transparent life, but jeesh..

    Love the photos. All of them. We’ll have to team up next year and cover the con like a ’70s record deal.

    1. Probably you didn’t wind up in any photos because the one time I was hanging out in your vicinity I was chatting with your vivacious wife. Sure, next year we should make plans!

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