Life is normal – Busy!

Phil, having taken on a second job merchandising (you know all those silly coupon machines that spit them out at you in the store? well he’s in charge of those, and a lot more, in about a dozen local stores) is out and about. Glady is up to no good with her Easy Bake Oven http://www.familyeducation.com/whatworks/item/front/1,2551,1-10149-3114,00.html?detoured=1
I just found her a couple of recipes for mixes, since the ones at the store run about $4 each, which is outrageous. The above link is really funny – about how I feel about the silly thing, except it isn’t something I had as a child. I learned to cook – real meals, for the whole family! at 9. I remember a triple-layer german chocolate cake from scratch that year… Speaking of firsts, I made my first cheesecake ever last week.

Why does this always end up about food?

Everyone is well – at least for a while. Who knew that four kids could have the stomach flu twice in ten days? Poor Johann was sick for almost a week. He lost weight, which my skinny little guy couldn’t afford to do, but today I noticed that he is plumping back up nicely. He’s learned a word for food – Cookie! – which is what he says if anyone has something he wants.

Glady and Juliet have vacation this coming week, and Phil has a heavy schedule, so we girls should have some fun – the weather has warmed a bit, too. Maybe sledding and baking are in order!

Love to all – sorry I have been away so long.

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  1. My dear you HAVE stayed away too LONG!!! I’m glad the bugs have left the house though – ran through this one starting with Dear OLD mom…

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