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Life’s an Idea

I didn’t blog yesterday because I had a day out with my sweety, and we took a long leisurely drive in the countryside. I really enjoy those, the more back roads the better, and the ability to explore, have no time pressure, and just ramble is my idea of a great day. We came across a little farm tucked almost a mile off the main road, selling balckberries. The biggest nicest berries I have seen since I was a kid picking in my Gret-Grandma Ella’s garden on the coast of Oregon. Brought back memories of that garden, and Grandma, and I will make cobblers and jam with the four quarts we brought home.

There is a lot more to my life than writing. It’s all grist for the mill of stories, though. The berries, but more likely my grandmothers, memories of the gardens and adventures, will make it into a story somewhere. Our experiences flavor our writing. Even though I tend to write stories in fantastic settings – outer space, UnderHill, alternate universes – there are still shared experiences that are meant to infuse the characters with something relatable.  This morning I will be attending a funeral. I have never been to one. My relatives lost were all too far away for me to attend, and I am young enough that friends are all still with me. This is a gesture of support for a friend, at the passing of his father. It’s an experience I am neither anticipating nor dreading, but it is an experience.

This weekend my plans involve more curiosity and wonder. I will be in Indianapolis for IndyFur Con, painting faces and bodies, and selling my book… I’ll be in the Dealer’s Den Friday through Sunday if you are interested in a signed copy of Vulcan’s Kittens. I will also be transforming attendees into creatures wild, fantastic, and furry… it should be tons of fun, and hopefully profitable. I will be sharing booth space with Mystik Waboose, my favorite geeky clothier! I plan to wear my three Kitsune tails and paint up a storm. If you’re at the con drop by and say “Hi!” to us.

Cedar's FaceArt
Letting the tiger inside come out to play…