Love of Learning

There are days where the love of learning isn’t quite enough to keep me enthusiastic about school, and I have to remember why I am doing this to myself. That stiffens the old upper lip and I keep marching on.

But if you’re still curious and want to learn, here’s a link to a really cool open-source course from MIT on Artificial Intelligence. I’ve dabbled with these courses, before I decided to actually do the formal education, and there is some neat stuff in there for a writer wanting to expand their knowledge base.

Also, there’s an album of photos here if you were ever curious about what lab instrumentation looks like, inside and out. I took these while my Analytical Chemistry class was being introduced to the instruments we will be using. First half of the class was old-school methods, now the computers take over.

And now I am off to class, to tutor, and hopefully vote on the local issues before I get to come home and study more. Whee… *straightens shoulders* Right. I’m doing this for the children. Carry on.

Atomic Absorption
Atomic Absorption… that flame is about 2000 degrees K