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It’s wet here in Southern Ohio. Very wet. It’s also cold, but that’s a new development. Yesterday it was almost too warm for a coat, unless you didn’t want to get wet. The First Reader was complaining that the backyard was becoming a lake. The river is as high as I’ve ever seen it.

I’m so over winter. Is it over yet?

it’s not, of course, so what am I doing? I’m flying to Utah next week to visit winter in another state. Woo! Of course, I’ll be in a con hotel most of the time so as long as my flights have decent weather I don’t much care. So if you’ll be joining me at the amazing writer’s symposium and con that is Life, the Universe, and Everything! you’ll be able to find me doing some fun things. And a bunch of other people, too, who are cooler than I am.

Thursday at 4pm: Wildcrafting: The Art of Foraging for Wild Foods on this World and Beyond. Solo presentation, so much pressure!  I’m planning to cover things like figuring out if you can eat that (remember your Pratchett: everything is edible once) and how to get started wildcrafting in your area, plus how to do it responsibly.

Thursday at 5 pm: Flying Serpents: The Origins of Dragons. This is a panel and I’m the lowliest attendee on it, so I’ll be very quiet and listening intently to the other participants, mostly. Looks like an amazing line-up and I’m honored to be included.

Thursday at 6 pm: Surviving Poisonous Characters. I get to haul out my toxicology and chemistry as we panelists talk about how to keep from killing alien allies who just happen to be mutually incompatible in physical forms.

Friday at 6 pm: Triumphs and Limitations of DNA Forensics. Using, and misusing, DNA in reality and fiction, I need to look up who my fellow panelists are on this one. I also need to write up a blog post on forensic genealogy soon.

Saturday at 4 pm: Working with a Cover Artist. Panel on finding, nurturing, and keeping a good cover artist. Should be interesting as I’m both the author and the artist!

Hope to see you there! For those who can’t attend, I know LTUE videorecords some of the panels. If you’re interested in that, you may want to reach out to them and find out more, so you can attend vicariously even if not in person. I had an amazing time last attendance, but this time I’m a professional guest, so it should be even more amazing!

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  1. I would ABSOLUTELY be gathering mushrooms to eat, if it weren’t for the fact that I know ZERO about collecting them. I wish I could be there and learn! Alas.

    However, I WILL be doing my part for LTUE, as I will be reviewing the first LTUE Benefit Anthology, “Trace the Stars”:
    “Proceeds from this volume, and those that follow in the coming years, go to support LTUE’s mission of educating and helping new writers, artists, editors, and other creatives in learning the skills they need to become successful in the speculative fiction field.”

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