The good thing is, I’ve been writing. The bad is that it’s slow going. Finding the time to write, around work and family, is hard enough, and I’ve been fighting both of the stories I’m working on. Beating my head against the story and having to backtrack to make sure my plot doesn’t wander off the in the woods and get hopelessly lost is a bit of a pain.

One of my issues is that I really need to fully research for both tales, and they are very, very different stories. So I can focus on one, or the other, but not both. And they both want to be written right NOW. So I’ve been alternating, and averaging about 500 words a day. Like I said, slow. I’ve also been focusing on writing more than blogging. I only have so much brain to go around.

Work is good. It’s more satisfying than I anticipated, because I’m learning as quickly as I get a new technique down. So I never get into a rut of routine, there’s always more. That, and chemistry, unlike real life, is very neat and tidy. When a reaction progresses, you know it, and most of the time you wrap up the test or assay and walk away, ready to pick up the next thing. It’s nice to leave work at the end of the day and not be taking work home with me. Of course, I have work at home, but that’s different.

So if I seem like I’m not all here, it’s because I’m not. Some days I have energy, others I don’t. Just like most of you. I’m also fighting off allergies, which leave me feeling lurgy and having to think about breathing. Not fun. Ok, I’ll stop whining now. Maybe I’ll come up with something witty to write for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just post art. Expect art.


2 responses to “Lurgy”

  1. Art is good. I have trouble with complete sentences before noon anyway.

  2. Oh fine. Make us look at your Art. See what we care!