Memorial Day graves

Memorial Day’s Meaning

Written by Sanford Begley

We’re going to stand on a sidewalk and watch the parade, today. And we will remember. 

Memorial Day graves
Gone but not forgotten

A lone snare drum slowly tapping, tapping
The flags on the graves snapping, snapping
The children run around and play
Too innocent to feel this day
While others know and softly weep

A widow feels his hand upon her
The man who died with all his honor
His son cries and feels no shame
He loves this man who gave his name
A man who earned his peaceful sleep

A crumbling stone stands there yet
Marking the last stand of an ancient vet
All who knew him are long gone
Today there’s a flag on his lawn
To honor the man who lies inside

Old men, young men, come in pride
Marching together, all in stride
To honor brothers fallen to war
And pray it never happens more
Walking to bear the nation’s pride

Other places pull out their grills
Ready to begin their summer thrills
To them this awesome day
Is just another excuse to play
They have forgotten Memorial Day

A monument to the fallen (Middletown Cemetery)
A monument to the fallen (Middletown Cemetery)


4 responses to “Memorial Day’s Meaning”

  1. wyldkat Avatar

    Well said my friend. Well said.

    1. sanford Avatar

      Thank you, just a bit of doggerel

  2. Loriannie11 Avatar

    May I copy this and post it on my page? My grandfather was in WWII and he IS ca hero in my eyes and so many others. I am crying as I type this so I am sorry if it’s messed up. I would truly be honored I you would let me post this. Thank you again for sharing such wonderful words!

    1. I have no problem with you sharing links to it!