It’s October, and that means several things. One, my birthday is coming. Which is, ok, not something I fuss over at my age, but this year my gift is extra special so I’m excited. Two, fall foliage and wine-scented days shuffling through crisp leaves and the brief perfection of fall weather… which Ohio is not participating in, as this first day of October we have a record-breaking heat in the mid nineties with high humidity. Ugh. 

But Inktober I can get excited about with no reservations. I’m doing it a bit oddly this year. The poor First Reader has been trying to get me to not – not that he doesn’t love me and my art, it’s just that he loves me and worries I overextend. He’s not wrong. But… 

The Ginja Ninja found this while we were picking up stuff for her Poisonous Fun projects a while back, and brought it to me. 

“Mama! You could use this for Inktober!” 

And thus was born MinInktober. It’s a leather-bound book, with a jumpring to be worn as a pendant. It will severely constrain my ability to lose myself in art! I will have to plan and compose very carefully before I begin in it. 

It’s so Smol! 

I think for this lil’ guy I’m going to stick to small things, rather than the traditional Inktober prompts. More on those, later, as I have something else brewing (literally) for that project. But this is my five-minutes in the morning sketchbook for MinInktober. 



2 responses to “MinInktober”

  1. That’s awesome! No wonder you said you were going to do more mushrooms; the size of the medium lends itself to tiny subjects!

  2. “..and this season… OUT: Galactic Clusters. IN: Quantum particles. Try all the flavors, be quarky, and get your gluon!””