Ever wondered what the first book in print was (hint: it wasn’t printed by Gutenberg)? How about when and where the first novel was written? Are you a writer who worries that books are going out of style? My post today at the Mad Genius Club hits on the answers in a rambling essay that also talks about my writing struggles.

Are you looking for something to read? I know my TBR pile is stratospheric, but then again last night I was laying there with nothing to read because I’m such a mood reader and wasn’t up to studying. I’d finished the novel I was reading, and had enjoyed it a lot, reached for the button to buy the next book… and refrained. I have to read other books that have deadlines on their consumption, first.

Also, I have Amanda Green’s latest which just came out, and I want to read that. Slay Bells Ring isn’t my usual sort of book, but it looks like it will make me giggle and relax. Perfect. slay bells

The book I was SO tempted to buy the sequel on was Rosemary Kirstein’s Steerswoman. There are four in the series and I know me, I’ll binge on them. So I am practicing self-discipline.


And if you haven’t already looked at it, you should see Alaska Bush Mother, which is non-fiction, not always an easy read, but a fascinating glimpse into near history and the mind of a very tough woman. If you’ve ever wondered at my impatience and lack of pity for modern feminists, this book will explain much. alaska bush mother

I’m planning on posting a recipe tomorrow. I know, I know, I’m going back to the daily post routine. But I miss it!