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Monday Morning Musings

I have been allowed to muse at length on scat, parasites, and how they create a fine metaphor not only for the Hugo tempest in a teacup, but also life in general, over at According to Hoyt.

I’m putting this here to hopefully remember and explore when I have more time… it has literally been an open tab in my browser for a week, and I still haven’t looked at it. Periodic Table of Storytelling

I spent a goodly portion of yesterday evening setting up Trickster Noir for publication, and let me tell you, I am not a patient person. I was so very tempted to pull the trigger and publish and have you all wake up to a Monday morning surprise! But I’m being good… and there is a book bomb in the process, for Saturday, so this is more like a release week. Only the print edition will not be ready, it will lag about a week behind ebook.

I’m trying out Draft 2 Digital with Trickster Noir. I’ve already started the process rolling there, and I am hoping it eases the problems we had with Smashwords, where release to certain online stores took weeks if not months. As soon as I have live links at all, I will update the Pixie For Hire page, where I will be putting up information on Trickster Noir and the rest of the series. Dragon Noir will likely not appear for a year, because my school schedule took a left turn I wasn’t expecting. So we shall see what happens there.

School is done for me in… about 2 weeks now. As soon as it is, I will be throwing myself into writing The God’s Wolfling, the sequel to Vulcan’s Kittens. Which means channeling a teenage girl and a teen boy (who is totally not interested in the teen girl. Nope, nada, zilch. Girls are yucky… Riiiii-ght, Merrick, keep telling yourself that, honey, and you might make it through this with your hide intact.) and exploring more Celtic mythology while Sekhmet and Steve run around in the desert with the Coyote. The weapon, for those who were dissapointed at the end of Vulcan’s Kittens, will be used in this book…

As you can see, the characters are starting to talk to me. It’s a good feeling, after months of echoing math brain. But I need them to be patient just a little longer!