More Dirt

It’s still raining, and I’m still not getting anything done outside, although I have been spring-cleaning and working at the library. Dad’s still up at Toad Hall eating bon-bons. He’s gotten the all clear from the doctors – they got all the cancer and he won’t have to get any follow up treatment. That was the best kind of news. He’ll be home before I know it, ready to work and all I have is this big pile of dirt…

Fill dumped on the driveway - the truck was too heavy to go further.

Michael and I will be moving this dirt from its current heaped state to fill in the hole in the sideyard. That’s 18 yards of sandy loam fill. Oh, my aching back. We can’t start on it quite yet, as ’tis raining and looking to continue until the weekend. But having that hole filled in (where an old outbuilding collapsed a few years back) will mean that I can build my kitchen garden, so I am looking forward to having it done.