Morning Miscellany

My post is up at MGC this morning:

I wanted to write this post for a couple of reasons. One, to counter the claim I saw recently that crowdfunding is necessary to create a debut novel, because you need money to write.  Note that the claim here is not: I need money for editing, formatting, or a cover. No, it was, I need money in order to finish writing my first novel. The second reason was to acknowledge a big influence on my publishing career, and to praise a man who has too much undeserved scorn heaped on him these days. Read the rest… 

black and orange wasp
We were in Kentucky yesterday, so naturally I took pictures.

My friend Lin Wicklund sent me a link to an article related to what I’m doing with Eat This While You Read That! it’s all about sewing projects. From needlework to seamstresses, there are many projects in the old stories that could be done – but not by me. Perhaps this will inspire one of my readers!

Scars alter the grain of the wood.
Scars alter the grain of the wood.

The lovely and talented Julie Doornbos was inspired by ETWYRT to write a post on what she listens to while she paints. She likes audiobooks while she’s creating visual art. You should definitely check out her gallery while you’re there. I’m ashamed to claim any artistic talent at all after seeing what she can do.

Monarch on Buddleia
Wings like stained glass.

Someone suggested I do a series of posts on music related to books, too. I’m not sure I’m the best person to do that, I tend to read immersively so the music can set a mood, but I’m not really paying attention to it. I do use music when I’m writing, and I could do something on that.

evil muse
The Evil Muse, also known as my First Reader.

Yesterday my Evil Muse (aka First Reader) and I spent over seven hours in a car together. This resulted, as it so often does, in much plotting. I now know not only where the current WIP is going, and the title of the upcoming story collection: Twisted Mindflow, but I have the core plots of *ahem* several books laid out. Including, yes, three books set in the same universe as the Pixie for Hire series. The first one, Western Ghoul, is the adventures of  Mark and Alger as they go Above to follow-up on the death of the weapons-dealer ghoul, Georgio. Chronologically, the first part of the book overlaps with the last third or so of Dragon Noir. I have to re-read Dragon and make some notes. A lot of notes. Also a family tree, so I can keep the Alaska cousins straight (who am I kidding, they can’t keep themselves all sorted out, that’s why they are all cousins).

Of course, school starts Monday. I will do my best to keep writing, but math.

Speaking of which, school may not be ‘in’ yet, but homework has already begun. I’m off to read for Physics.