Moving Right Along

I’m trying, as always, to keep my life scheduled and ordered… Oh, who am I kidding? It’s chaos, sorted by the pattern of a given day, and always subject to upheaval.

Here on the blog, I’m going to give you an idea of what to expect, so if you only drop in for writing/publishing info, you’ll know when to come by. Or if you come for the art, whether visual or textual (and bless you!) you can visit then.

  • Monday: something related to writing, marketing, or publishing.
  • Tuesday: Art of the more visual oriented works I create.
  • Wednesday: I dunno… I tend to improvise on the mid-week days.
  • Thursday: I think I will be silly here.
  • Friday: a review of a book, old or new, plural or singular.
  • Saturday: link to my Mad Genius Club post and a scattering of other links of interest.
  • Sunday: snippets, for the next few weeks they will be of Trickster Noir, then I will have to see what’s up next in the queue.

If you have a suggestion for a blog post, art, or something… leave it in the comments. Ideas are always nice, although no promises I won’t get distracted and bounce off in another direction.

Oh, yeah, in the ‘support the starving artist’ (only I won’t, for reasons, one being that I was trained to be an accomplished forager. Not that I would be in need of that, except in case of zombie apocalypse, which I don’t believe in anyway, and yes I have read John Ringo’s latest, thank you 😉 ) I am now working on putting up my photos and art at DeviantArt. They are mostly enabled as prints, for you to purchase. DA offers you three options when it comes to physical artwork: art prints, canvas, and photo paper. I’ve heard from a couple of friends with prints of mine on photo paper that it is very nice. Some of my artwork is available for download as jpg, as well.

I am finding that it is very rewarding to be going through my work, looking back years into the past and finding things I had forgotten I had done. In the dregs of winter, all the snow and gray and hopelessness gets to me, but the photos are cheering me up with memories and beautiful things of warmth to give me hope.

blue pond
A pond near Sandwich, New Hampshire, in Fall.