Monday, Monday…

I know, it’s a late post. I’ve given up on trying to get them out at a set time – sometime during the day is going to have to be good enough. I’m enjoying the Geeky Kids vastly, but it leaves me with little time for the blog. And to be honest I am dry today when it comes to what to write about. I could just talk about my day, but that’s boring. I am writing – not fast enough to finish the novel in a month as originally planned, but perhaps two months, if I keep my 1000 words a day streak going. The trick will be doing that once school starts. I do my daily art. I hang out with my kids. The First Reader and I talk – about groceries, and housework, and the dog, and…

So what’s a girl to do when she runs out of blogging fodder?

I dunno. Art, maybe. Or dive into the archives and find old essays that can be made new again. I hate talking too much about the writing process, it’s a bit like asking you to watch the sausage being made and then frying it up on the spot to offer you. On the other hand, I have been reading for research, and some of you might enjoy American History enough to get a kick out of the book I’m working on. The Old Merchant Marine is a brief history of the civilian mariners who sailed from America’s shores from the time before the Revolution and beyond. It’s fascinating to get glimpses of stories, and some of them I’d love to dive more deeply into. It’s a free book, so you aren’t losing anything by giving it a try. As I’m writing the tale of an interstellar trader, this is pertinent to the kind of men who braved the depths of the ocean (as space will be in the future, a harsh and unforgiving environment) to break into new markets and come home with the goods.

Yesterday I set up the files for Jade Star to appear in print. It may be a novella, but at the smaller paperback size it will still make a nice-sized book, and I know I have readers who want to hold their reading material and smell the paper. This is why I put Warp Resonance in print, too. I might not sell many copies, but it doesn’t cost me much to do. And I do like to see my books in print, as weird as that probably sounds. Something about holding one in my hands makes it more real. So while you can buy Jade Star in ebook format now, you will soon – once I figure out what is wrong with the interior file. You would think that using a template provided by the printer would smooth out the process, but no – be able to own it in hardcopy too. And if there’s interest, I can make prints of the cover art available. I’m rather happy with that art.

And while I’m talking about it… I really appreciate all my fans who not only went out and bought the new book, but who have shared links to it. My success as an author is in many ways predicated on people who do that, and encourage others to read my work. I couldn’t do this without you all, and I never lose sight of that. I love to tell stories and write, but without fans it would seem pointless to keep doing so. jade star ebook cover



2 responses to “Muhn”

  1. I really enjoyed Jade Star and look forward to more in this series.

    1. Thank you! Tanager’s Fledglings is the first book in a planned trilogy with Jade showing up midway through the first book. So she’s not a primary character, but may take over in book 2 🙂