Must Have Books!

No, this isn’t about books I think you must have. Honestly, I don’t know what books are right for you.

For instance, I just read the first two books in a series, and adored them, and will be tracking down the rest of the series as soon as I think I can risk the lost sleep and productivity to read them. Charles Todd’s Bess Crawford stories, about a practical, level-headed nurse who alternates between stations on the front lines, and solving mysteries back home in the Merry Olde. She also reminisces about her childhood with a military family in India, and at one point, has a conversation with a family friend, Mr. Kipling… as you can see, this is just catnip for me. I gobbled the books up, and am having to exercise great restraint in to immediately rushing to the library for more.

No, this post is about my book hoarding. I’m reading these books, and yet I have stacks in my office and nightstand which demand my attention, and the quieter but no less full e-library. So why am I hoarding books?

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