My idea of Fun

New place, new critters and plants. There’s people and conversations too, but the time to wander quietly was a welcome moment. Nothing to worry about, nothing tugging at my conscience to get done. Just me and whatever I can find.

Sticky glands help this bur propagate, I’m guessing.
Tiny yellow compositae
Ants moving slow in the cold weather make for good photos.

Pogonomyrmex rugosus, the Rough Harvester Ant, doing a bit of housekeeping before winter sets in.

Farmland at rest
A spectacular welcome


2 responses to “My idea of Fun”

  1. In the northeast, the stink bugs don’t waste their time slowing down for winter. They think houses are big hollow trees and there must be a way in, somewhere (and they’re correct in their assumption).

    They buzz like little biplanes as they dodge the hand-vac.

  2. The ants’ fannies look like little light bulbs.