Nameless Drink

I need someone to give this a good name, because it’s quite repeatable, if you like tart and refreshing and good for relaxing on a toasty evening. 

Since I opted to zoom into my class, I also decided to accompany a lecture on the weather with something to sip and enjoy. 

This was made up out of what I had in the liquor cabinet that needed to be used, looked like it would go together, and fit my rather loose parameter of ‘cold, needs to be cold.’ I used up the last of the wonderful German blackberry liqueur in this, and it had oxidized, hence the brownish color. I’ll try it again with a different blackberry liqueur and take a prettier photo. 

Edit to add: And many thanks to readers, it now has a name! 

Soulless Briar  

  • 0.75 oz Blackberry liqueur
  • 0.75 oz Ginger liqueur
  • 0.5 oz fresh lime juice

Shake these with ice cubes, and pour through a strainer into a tall glass with: 

  • 7.5 oz (1 small can) tonic water 
  • Garnish with frozen blackberries

Now, keep in mind I like tart with a touch of bitter, but this had a lot of sweet in the liqueurs, so I balanced that with the lime juice. Also, I know that those flavors play very well off one another, the blackberry and ginger and lime. I think I’ll also try it with club soda or sparkling water rather than tonic, to see how that is, but I had ginger beer or tonic on hand, and ginger beer plus the ginger liqueur seemed to be overkill. The frozen blackberries were a whim, and a good one, as I got to eat them as I was sipping. I think I’ll do that again, maybe with other fruits and berries in other drinks. 

That’s the fun of doing a cocktail, though. You get some very nifty flavor if you do it right, and there’s so much room for riffing on the core flavors! 

Today I harvested the first blackberry in our garden! I wasn’t expecting any this year, but I’d bought three potted canes, so this one decided it would reward my putting it in the ground. Also, we are going to have strawberries! Not a ton, but enough to play with in drinks and eat. 

So rewarding to start harvesting from all the hard work the Little Man and I have put into it this spring. 

Oh, and Toast is happy I stayed home tonight. The First Reader tells me she gets upset and clingy when I go away. 


7 thoughts on “Nameless Drink

  1. Blackberries are now in full bloom back here in northeastern Midwestia.
    You actually planted them in your yard on purpose? 😉

    I back the vote for Blackberry Snapdragon. It’s a great name.

    1. I did! They are not common around here, so I suspect I’ll be doing well to keep my few plants alive. They are also the thornless variety, because small yard!

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