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Nature’s Art

Phyciodes tharos, the Pearl Crescent Butterfly, on Black-Eyed Susan in a meadow
The web of the Araneus diadematus is often spotted in the later summer and into fall. They can be huge – this one spans from our porch to the flagpole, with an anchoring strand down to my car in the driveway. Fully 20+ feet! The photo has been filtered digitally to bring out the colors of the web.


nature’s art is unrivalled by any artist’s pen or brush.

Header image: “snail in mosses” pen and ink, digital, by Cedar Sanderson

4 thoughts on “Nature’s Art

  1. A huge web is indeed beautiful when dew laden and sparking in the morning’s golden light, but when I’m not paying enough attention to where I am walking and transform the web into wearable art, it then means a large amount of “shrieking like a little girl” on my part.
    For me, some art is best viewed from a distance!

    My mind added a sort of Victorian era postal service uniform to the drawing because, snail mail.

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