New Arrival

It’s finally here. Two years after I’d planned, but it’s been an eventful two years!

Dorothy Grant was gracious enough to write a blurb for me… she’s the queen of blurbage!

Tanager’s Fledglings

When the starship’s captain died midway through a run with a cargo of exotic animals,  the owner gave first mate Jem one chance, and one choice. The chance: if he successfully runs the trade route solo, he’ll become the new captain. If he fails, he’ll lose the only home he’s ever known.


And the choice? He’s now raising an old earth animal called a basset hound. Between station officials, housebreaking, pirates, and drool, Jem’s got his hands full!

I will have a print version available, but that will take about two weeks.


8 responses to “New Arrival”

  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    “Bridge. Starboard lookout.”
    “Bridge aye.”
    “New Novel by Sanderson sighted to starboard.”
    “Bridge Aye. Making hard turn to starboard to acquire new novel.”
    “Bridge. Starboard lookout.”
    “Bridge aye.”
    “New novel has been acquired, and new Plan of the Day for Friday will be needed.”
    “Bridge aye, revising Plan of the Day and commence reading at Flank Speed.”

    Not much schedule change needed as today was going to be a Rope Yarn Sunday on Friday anyway.

    These are the times when I wish I didn’t read so fast. (Note to younger self. If you are a very fast reader, don’t take the speed reading course the Navy offered when you were on shore duty. They never mention during the course that even when you want to read slowly, you begin reading faster and faster as the story goes on.)

  2. Cedar L Sanderson Avatar
    Cedar L Sanderson

    As a fast reader myself, I don’t mind. For me, the real test is do I want to re-read?

  3. Bert Meyer Avatar
    Bert Meyer

    I really wish I could read as fast as I used. I usually used to read a two books and maybe half of a third one in one day. I miss that.
    (I think that old age and two strokes might be the reason 😉 ) Now I’m lucky to be able to read one book in a week. 🙁
    But as long as I’m above ground I will try to read as long as I can !

    1. I don’t read like I used to, although for me it’s simply lack of time. Have you tried audiobooks? I can’t do them, but I have friends who love them.

  4. Really enjoyed your book. An obvious question — when is the sequel coming?

    1. Don, there will be another Underhill book first, but the concept and general plot exists for at least three books in the Tanager series.

  5. Okay, thanks. Will try Pixie — just grabbed it off Amazon.

    1. Thank you again!