Things that make me go ooh! and Aaah!

JuicyPrint: the 3d printer powered by microorganisms.

Fuel cells powered by microorganisms? They have a way to go, the money quote is here: a wastewater treatment plant serving 100,000 people or a large industrial plant could produce around 0.8 megawatts, which is enough to power about 500 homes.

Farting E. coli instead? “Although we have only produced tiny amounts so far, the fuel we have produced is ready to be used in an engine straight away.”

Nomming on algae… Doesn’t that sound good? You’d be surprised.

And in a rare turn: Photos that aren’t mine. Although they are making me think longingly of a good microscope at the moment. They are linked to the Flickr feed of the photographer if you want more.

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So beautiful.