N’Inktober: Finale

And the last week closes with a final piece in watercolor and ink style. I’m very pleased with my efforts this month, and looking forward to focusing on other things than art next month – as much as I love doing my art, it isn’t exactly received with much comment, so I’ll go back to it simply as my daily san check. Writing! That’s where I’ll be pointed, I have some big projects to struggle with and bludgeon into compliance. The muse has been recalcitrant too long. 

Catalyst Marrakesh

This was a fun challenge. I wanted to not only do architecture justice – it’s not at all my forte – but imply that there is intrigue and story behind a single still image. 

Horse Hoping

For this one, I’d known what I would draw since the prompt list came out. I’ve seen this angle of many a horse! 

Wagon Dreams

So many directions this prompt could have taken! That’s part of the fun of the prompts, picking one thing and realizing it fully. 

Meaningful Sand

The First Reader, when I sent this to him, “Ah, the houris are killing time!” 

Unique Coffee

I’m not unhappy with the composition of this, but I think if I had time and energy I’d go back into it, make some changes, and add a lab behind our two characters. 

Magic Moss

This is one of those pieces where I looked at it midway, liked it, and then did too much to it, liking it less by the end. 

Aster Ferns

A final piece, in layers of ink and washes. Only it’s all digital, so looks are deceiving. But it suited me to be a little more complicated for the finale of this N’inktober. 

And now, on to other things and I shan’t bother you much with art! 

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  1. Nicely done! Although the Marrakesh one on the right reminds me more of Lerici, Italy than it does of Marrakesh.

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