N’Inktober Week 3

October has been a roller coaster, folks. I know I haven’t been blogging – it’s difficult to be relentlessly cheerful in the face of things out of my control, and I’m struggling to keep my feet under me and moving forward. I am, however, finding small joys in the daily artworks. This year I have been pouring myself into my art, mostly while talking on the phone every day with the First Reader. It will be a few more weeks, at least, if not longer, of daily phone calls instead of having him here beside me. 

All will pass, in time. In time, this will be a memory, and I’ll have the art to remind me of the bright highlights of long difficult days. 

Chicks Xylophone

This one I knew as soon as the prompt list was set up, what I’d draw and how I wanted to convey the prompt. I had fun with motion, action, and energy in this! 

Desolate Earrings

This one took some time and searching for just the right reference photos before I started work on it. My first idea was more ambitious, but the fan group encouraged me to try it anyway, which I did later in the week with the Mirror Vibrant. Still, I think the loss and longing come through in her eyes. 

Mesmerizing Phoenix

I’m not entirely happy with this one, but that’s ok. They won’t all be good. 

Familial Understanding

Ok, this one was just plain fun to draw. So many references until I had it composed the way I wanted, and, um, the tentacles may have happened because I was fighting to draw legs that day… But in the end I’m delighted with the cute weirdness. 

Breathless Whirlwind

Another prompt that had me stumped for a little while, until I tried a motion study of motherhood. This felt right. Like my life, some days! 

Mirror Vibrant

Here, I came back to the concept I’d toyed with in Desolate Earrings. Love, and loss, and reflections of memory.  I don’t think I necessarily rendered it as well as it deserves, but this was a challenge and I’m not unhappy with it, either. 

Crawfish, Whoa!

For my friend and enthusiastic fan, Julian Thompson, I had to so something fun and silly with the crawfish. I think he liked it! 

Electric Chickens

When I posted this today, the jokes were ripe. It was an eggsellent showing of humor, and I’m delighted to get such a response! (also, this will be an illustration in Task Force: Chiweenie!) 


2 responses to “N’Inktober Week 3”

  1. I figured it out! The mesmerizing phoenix reminds me of Persian nastaliq calligraphy. Basically impossible to read, but so beautiful and often filled with hidden meaning.
    Some examples here (scroll to zoomorphic). https://www.arabiccalligrapher.com/styles

    1. Oh wow! I’d never seen that before and it is so beautiful.