Ok here's what were gonna do

No Food

No food porn today, I’m afraid. It’s been a *momentous* week, and tomorrow, school. We’ve had a conversation, and my dear First Reader has pointed out he’s going to be picking up a lot of the meal prep. It’s hard for me, I’m by training a housewife, and I’m used to being the one cooking, cleaning, and… but he’s absolutely right. We’ll wind up eating badly in a hurry when I have late classes or am just simply too busy to remember to eat (and by extension, feed him).

Anyway, today is work, prep for class (including finishing what I started last night, the pre-work a professor wanted done before classes even begin), and um… that’s about it. I have a kernel of a thought for tomorrow’s post, on autism and the proposed ‘cure’ I saw an article on recently.

I’ll try to come back later with links of interest or something.

On the writing front: no progess. I’ve been too busy to even let the creative brain out of the closet it’s currently locked in.

Oops.. have to run. Laundry calls!