Nose Art

We visited the United States Air Force Museum with friends, and had a wonderful time. Going with a pilot, and a man who fought on another continent in a forgotten war meant that the stories were overflowing, and wonderful. I absorbed as much as I could, and of course, I took pictures. Lots of pictures! We didn’t ‘do’ all of the museum, which means that the First Reader and I shall have to return soon. Such a hardship! *laughing* 

I’m not putting up all the pictures on the blog, and today I will focus on some of the marvelous nose art we saw. There will be more later, I’m sure. 

USAF museum trip-14

USAF museum trip-15

USAF museum trip-18 USAF museum trip-34

USAF museum trip-46
This one’s for my Dad, who served there.
USAF museum trip-58
The modern art lacks a little something
USAF museum trip-59
The camels made me laugh, though.


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  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    Odd coincidence of timing, about ten days ago my wife and I went to see the B-29 Fifi when she was in Philly. Next I recorded Strategic Air Command with Jimmy Stewart and the B-36 played a large part through the first half of the movie. I showed my wife a photo of the size comparison between a B-29 and a B-36 and she asked if there were any B-36s in museums. So last night we made a tentative plan for Easter week in 2016 to drive to the Air Force Museum and then visit friends in the Pittsburgh area on the way home. And today I read your blog and see you just visited the museum. Insert eerie music please.

    I read the museum’s website and the expansion should be complete by the time we are thinking of going. So in your opinion, please, how much time to do a fairly exhaustive visit?

    Thank you!

    1. John, we spent two hours and saw perhaps a third of the museum. I know there is a cafe, and a few places to sit scattered through the exhibits. Personally, I’d say it would be best done over two days, but one long one with breaks may be doable. Just make sure that you take some rest breaks!

      1. John in Philly Avatar
        John in Philly

        Thank you! We had figured two days to see most of it would work well for our mature pace, and we would not be overwhelmed. Now the OCD planning can really move into high gear.

  2. RealityObserver Avatar

    Yay! Vacation stories!

    No, that is a GOOD thing. Enjoy. (More pictures, please, don’t just tease us.)

  3. I love old military aircraft. I stop at aircraft museums whenever I can and take a bunch of pictures. So far my favorite has been the SAC Museum in Nebraska. Some day I want to make it to Dayton to see the museum there. My mom said it was huge when she was there in the ’80’s. I’d also like to visit the USS Intrepid museum in NYC, not only because it’s loaded with aircraft but because my dad served aboard it for its farewell cruise of the Med in the early ’70’s. Too bad NYC has such a nasty view of constitutional rights, because that city is loaded with museums I like to spend a few months in.

    Oh, and I’ll second the motion for more pictures.

    1. Well, you asked, I have delivered… There will probably be more on Thursday, since I’m day-tripping tomorrow. But enjoy the bombs, today.