Not a Real Job?

Why is it that friends and family persist in treating small business owners like dirt? I know we aren’t the only ones to feel this – we’ve talked to many other entrepeneurs like ourselves that get this reaction. This morning, Phil left early to run a quick errand before “work” and ran into a long-term acquaintance. We’ve known her for years, but never closely, and certainly not to the level where we would confide our family finances to!
She asks”So, where are you off too?”
Phil, who is half in costume, answers that he is going to be the Hobo Magician for the day.
“Oh, so you still don’t have a real job. So Cedar must be working, then.”
“No, she’s at home still, raising the four kids and running the office.”
With a tone of disbelief, she queries, “Neither of you have real jobs?”
Phil, feeling disgusted and put-down, tells her that we are doing just fine running our own business and makes his escape.

Now, why do people do this? We work hard at what we do, pull in a middle-class income, and have the time to parent our children, to boot. They aren’t in daycare all day, and even if I’m in the office a lot they still ahve access to me if they need. Running our own business is a lot harder tahtn simply holding down a ‘real job’ as we are responsible for not only one aspect of a business, but all of it. Phil and I make a great team. We’ve heard many envious comments from peers who wish they had a supportive spouse. Phil and I know that if we fall down on the job we make a big difference in our family’s livliehood. In a ‘real job’ we could call in sick, slack off, not have to be constantly studying and training to keep up with the demands of our business. Do these people expect us to go out and get a “real job” so it will be easier on us? Or just because we don’t conform to their viewpoint of what life should be?

I’m so frustrated and sick of this today. Even those who should know better if they stopped to think insist on telling my children – my kids! who don’t need to hear about this, have the guts to talk to Phil and I directly! – that their father is lazy. OOOH!

Well, off my soap box for the day. I have too much to do today to dwell on this for long, and Phil has not only a long day today, but no time off until Aug 26. So for his sake I keep this house as peaceful as possible, and reassure him that I am committed to making this business a sucess. We’ve made it 8 years, this year will be our best ever, and I’m not going to let the doomsayers win. We’re Good at what we do. We bring joy to kids and adults everyday and that is a worthy mission.