Not all Art

Not all art is depressing. Not all art has to be a stright representation of some natural form. Not all art is boring. Not all art…

Yesterday’s post on the death of beauty made today’s art post particularly challenging. How can I, an artist, follow up on that when I have lifted up Art and Beauty as a representation of good?

I can’t. I can look at the work of those who possess so much more skill than I ever will, and be humbled. I can only add my contributions to the eye-candy of the world, to nourishing the soul through the concept of a visual feast.

Dragon fire
I dubbed this the purple dragon, and it is one of the simplest things I have ever created, all electrons, and subject to the perception of the viewer. Is it art?
Dayton Art Institute
Posing with the dragons, the author and artist feels humbled.


Dayton Art Institute
True art evokes a reaction.