Not Here

I learned a new word today. The First Reader, who had traveled the world in his youth, and picked up smatterings of languages, explained this one to me.

The German word for sick is crunken. From there, it’s obvious where the word cranky came from.

I am endeavouring not to be cranky anywhere but in my own head. Especially not here.

Instead, here’s an observation. When I’m sick, I read a lot. Also, I get book cravings, sort of like pregnancy cravings, but for a specific flavor, or style, of book, and its hard to switch that off. When I can’t get more Charles Todd (Finished A Test of Wills, reread. Works just as well the second go-round) because it’s too flippin’ expensive on kindle and I’m too sick to go library, I get cranky.

Then I switch over to Mackey Chandler’s April series and catch up on it, pondering at how well this world holds together for me. I could almost forget it’s fictional. Then I run out of April books and get cranky again.

Finally, I start reading John Ringo’s Darkling Sea, and get cranky about the font being tiny. Thank goodness I can embiggen it on my phone for reading.

Now, I’m going to go confess to my Chem prof that I was sick, reading, and didn’t finish my homework or study massively for today’s exam. I will endeavour not to be cranky.