North Texas Troublemakers

Y’all Ain’t Right! 

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Click on the photo or avatar below to learn more about the individuals who collectively make up the North Texas Troublemakers

Dorothy Grant
Peter Grant
JL Curtis
John van Stry
Jonna Hayden
Henry the Cat (Is so an author!)
CV Walter
Adjacent Troublemaker: Sarah Hoyt


Adjacent Troublemaker: Pam Uphoff
Cedar Sanderson
Wayne Whisnand
Adjacent Troublemakers: Rodney and Regan Smith
D Jason Fleming
Alma Boykin
Rita Beeman writing as Bessie Bingle
Adjacent Troublemaker: Monalisa Foster
Adjacent Troublemaker – SW Texas Chapter: Dave Pascoe
Adjacent Troublemaker – Louisiana Chapter: Kelly Grayson
Adjacent Troublemaker: Tom Rogneby
Adjacent Troublemaker: Ben Olsen of Bjorn Bladeworks (purveyor of hairsticks and blades)
Adjacent Troublemaker: Becky Jones (aka Professor Ornery Dragon)
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