raindrops on juniper

Odd Prompts: Cloudless Sky


This is a snippet from a potential work in progress. 

Rain fell from a cloudless sky. Sadie flicked an annoyed glanced upward, and then back at her brother.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” She demanded.

“No.” He didn’t look up from the loose assemblage of pipes his hands were busy with. “I’m not even sure it won’t blow up.” He did look up at her then, his muddy hazel eyes matching hers perfectly with their hint of angry green, if they had been able to look in a mirror at the same time just then. “You got a better idea?”

He didn’t wait for her answer. He squatted back down and tightened one last metal strap to keep it all together. Sadie hovered over him, watching intently. Finally, with a grunt,  Zeke stood up, picking up the heavy bundle as he did so. Zekes long rangy body sagged a little to one side under the weight of the weapon he just finished assembling. Sadie, a foot shorter and more than 100 pounds heavier, knew she couldn’t have picked it up at all. That didn’t stop her from reaching out and wiggling her fingers.

“Gimme,” She demanded. She might not have been able to dead lift it, but she figured she could get her self under it and supported. And then… Well, there were some zombies had it comin’.

“Nope.” Her brother half turned away from her, cradling his creation protectively.

“Zeke, why is it raining?” She looked up at the sky and following her gaze he did too. Sadie’s attention span flickered like a badly tuned TV set, but he was used to it. 

Sadie licked her wet lips. “Cloudless sky.” She marveled. “Maybe frogs are gonna fall, or little fishes, ooh! baby snakes. I read on the ‘puter…”

Zeke snapped at her, “don’t you be believe in anything you read on the computer, Sadie. You listen to my radio now, them’s voices as you can trust.”

“Zeke,” she whined at him, “you can’t tune your radio none. And it’s boring.”

Zeke knew perfectly well she couldn’t tune the radio; he’d fixed it that way. One frequency. One frequency was all you needed. That is, until OpSec said you had to go frequency hopping. But they weren’t in that time yet, but they’d been there… He looked back up at the sky again, feeling the gentle drops striking his weathered skin. The sky remained perfectly limpid baby blue above them, a bowl stretching from one side to the other as far as he could see over the ramshackle trailer park where they lived.


This week’s Odd Prompt challenge came to me from Becky Jones, with “The rain fell from a cloudless sky.” 

I prompted ‘Nother Mike with “On the other side of the moon, there was a gleam of light.” 

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