Odd Prompts: Odder than Usual


With apologies, as I am quite tired… but I’m going to get it done. 


Granny Mathilde straightened up from her weeding. Every year the flowerbeds seemed to grow larger, no matter how many plants she gave away, or how much she sublet the yard. She rubbed her back, staring off into the distance, until a flicker of movement caught her eye. She didn’t move her head, much, certainly not enough to be caught staring. There was a new inhabitant in the pixie house. How exciting! Mathilde watched from the corner of her eye as a robin took off, and another landed. This one had boxes and bags strapped to it, forming an awkward parcel that made the bird stumble a little on landing. A pixie, glittering wings all ashimmer, zipped in and caught it’s tail, pulling back and down, hard, to help the bird regain it’s balance. Then it disappeared into the house. The bird shook it’s head, fluffing what feathers it could. 

Mathilde returned to her work, conveniently angled so she could see what was going on, without overtly watching. She’d learned that her varied renters didn’t like to know a human could see them, and they would vanish overnight. Which made Norm deeply unhappy, as the gnome got his cut of the rents. 

She did wonder why Norm hadn’t let her know about the vacancy being filled. That wasn’t like him. 


This week’s prompt, which I have not done justice to, but sleep is calling me, came from Leigh Kimmel with “As you are cleaning out the flowerbeds, you notice the pixie house has a new occupant.” 

I prompted Leigh by return random (we have a small group, and random picks sometimes don’t look so random!) with: The dog and the raccoon had an understanding. You could tell, because…

You can read all the responses, or take part yourself, at More Odds Than Ends. 



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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard Avatar
    Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Sounds like “somebody” could write an interesting story from this. 😉