Odd Prompts: Tie it in a Bow

Composing this one straight into the blog editor. It’s going to be short – I’ve done something to my shoulder. 


The long gray double ribbon of highway stretched out before her eyes, over the gleaming hood of the car. Dancing mirrored mirages were the only thing that broke it’s smooth sweep across the arid land and up into the foothill, but as she followed it with her gaze, she saw that it tied itself into a knot at the crest. 

She blinked, looked in her rearview mirror, which showed her more empty shimmering asphalt, and then refocused out the windshield. It was still snarled up. Unconsciously, she flipped the indicator switch as she pulled over to the shoulder and stopped the car. She sat there, staring, her knuckles white on the steering wheel, for a long few moments, how much time she wasn’t sure. 

Then she opened the car door, and stepped out into the blast of heat. The sweat on her skin dried instantly. 

She stood there, the engine still running, the wind playfully flicking her skirt against her bare legs. She leaned on the door and stared up at the gray bow tied neatly in the highway. 

Far overhead, a few dark dots circled. 


My prompt this week came from Leigh Kimmel with  “The long gray double ribbon of highway stretches out before you — and ties itself into a knot” 

My prompt went to Becky Jones, “The brassy alarm shook him.”

You can read all of the prompt responses over at More Odds Than Ends. Join in on the challenge and create with us! 



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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard Avatar
    Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Interesting. 😀

  2. Intriguing. And I like the texture on the image at the top.