Waves at her readers

I’m running out the door in about fifteen minutes and I still need to load the car… Despite shutting down the business website and facebook and all that, I still have clients who call, and since I have the time… Oh, who am I kidding. I miss performing. It’s so much fun to make the kids laugh, or that little smile when they look in the mirror, or the kid who is transformed into a tiger with his face painted and spends the rest of the even stalking and growling at his siblings. So I take these calls and say ‘I’d love to!’ and the money doesn’t hurt, either, since I am feeling like a drag on the household.

Anyway I’m up at Mad Genius Club today. If you’re interested in the process of getting a drawn-out-book finished and cleaned up, it’s the topic of the day.

And the kids just loaded the car for me. There are days it is so nice to have helpful teens. I miss cuddly toddlers, but this is life. We grow, and change, and it’s not bad, just…


Looks at her watch and jumps up. 


Future book reader
look, it’s a Baenie Baby!