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On the Road Again

P_20140812_221438I head for home about noon. I’m torn… I miss the kids, although they seem to be doing well here. This has never been an easy thing to do, and telling all of us it’s only two more years isn’t easy, either. But we have skype and phone and emails… and I’m not going to cry.

Life takes odd twists and turns sometimes. It’s ok. It’s all an adventure and develops character, right?

The only thing I’m about to go beserker Mama on is the jerks who tell my kids that coming from a divorced family will scar them for life, and they will never be normal. No. No, it won’t, and do you really think telling children that is a good idea? I don’t care if you know someone who had a bad time after a divorce. People are what they CHOOSE to be, and just because their upbringing is different from ‘how it always was’ doesn’t mean they won’t grow up to be happy, healthy, loving human beings. So stop it. You don’t know what you are talking about, and if you say it to my kids again, I will make sure you never see them again.

I didn’t divorce lightly. It was a huge decision. So was leaving my children in the care of their father, but after he’d been largely out of their lives for three years, he asked to have them while I undertook going back to school full time. It wasn’t easy to say yes. It’s less easy to live several states away. But he’s taking good care of them, and this too will pass.

And I won’t cry.

6 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. “he asked to have them while I undertook going back to school full time. It wasn’t easy to say yes.”

    It never is easy. But in the end, I’m sure you’ll see it was the right thing to do.

    “I won’t cry”

    <> Just hide it until you’re out of sight.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you going to either UD or Wright State? Those are the two best colleges I know of in that region. (No, I didn’t go to either one, I just had friends that did. I went to Sinclair CC.) Feel free to tell me to sod off if that’s too nosey. 😉

  2. I had to go to sea, anf Chrlotte didn`t cry in front of the kids, and made sure they had all the love and attention they needed. They turned out OK despite my absences. Treasure the times together, and the longer distance sharing you can still do in between.
    Andyou have lots of pictures to focus the memories.

  3. Between cell phones, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, and *especially* Skype, long distances aren’t as big of a roadblock as they used to be to maintaining a healthy relationship. It’s easier than ever to keep up with the daily lives of people hundreds of miles away. Now we just need technology to invent a long-distance hug…

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